Biocool is a leading brand in evaporativecooling through its constant innovation and development

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Biocool is the benchmark company in the eco-cooling sector.

Experience, seriousness and responsibility for the environment are three characteristics that are inherent in all the cooling products, services and projects we have been developing for many years.

Sustainable HVAC of the highest quality is the best calling card we can offer our customers. The satisfaction of those who have verified the benefits of our evaporative systems, foremost among which are energy savings, are the best guarantee we have, and have made us market leaders.

Biocool takes all those aspects that are required to offer the best solution to natural HVAC requirements through evaporative cooling. Innovation has been the kingpin of our development to meet our goals and achieve a product that makes a sustainable system an option to consider.

  • Quality of service 100%
  • Energy savings 80%
  • Customer satisfaction 100%
  • Natural climatization 100%

Do you need to undertake a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) project?

Biocool is the right site.

We provide the most effective and efficient solutions, respecting the environment, in any type of installation: sports pavilions, gaming halls and recreational zones, wine cellars, shopping centres and retail parks, industrial kitchens, schools, vehicle dealers and workshops, greenhouses and garden centres, rest homes, indoor racquet courts or residential buildings and single-family homes.

Our extensive experience as a cooling systems company is a guarantee when you contract our services. Innovation has been our watchword, motivating us since our start-up. Thanks to this, we have developed different sustainable cooling systems. Nature has been our best teacher.

Our professionals always find the perfect solution, one that best adapts to the characteristics and needs of warehouses, plants or company premises that choose evaporative cooling as a comfortable, fast, simple and highly economical option.


But how is it possible to achieve these temperature changes in such large areas? 

The key lies in that the Biocool evaporative industrial air handler draws hot air into the cooler using a powerful but silent fan.

Once there, the air passes through water-soaked pads that absorb part of the heat through a natural evaporation process. The result is a fresh breeze, the best tool for combating high temperatures.

As well as promoting the constant development of improvements in evaporative coolers, creating technologically advanced and thoroughly reliable units, the company is a pioneer in control systems for its coolers. It launched the Smart City Cooler system onto the market, capable of offering total control of the evaporative coolers from any remote access. This system obtains the maximum performance with minimum maintenance of units.

Awards Obtained

Biocool has received the HVAC category prize from the magazine Nan Arquitectura y Construcción. This prize rewards it as an example of effective non-polluting technology, for its low energy use and lack of cooling gas emissions in its operations. This makes it an advanced ecological model for cooling in a responsible, efficient way.

Our goal is to promote energy efficiency and cooling techniques that respect the environment, helping to halt climate change and encouraging global benefits for the environment, nature and the planet.

The brand promotes developments such as an energy savings calculator and an iPad app so that the user and the technician understand the benefits this technology provides in each climate zone. It can also dimension the number of units required for each application.
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