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Energy efficiency is one of the most important aspects in a company. The financial expenses that many businesses must spend on this item often means having to cut back in other areas, with the consequences that this may have on a plant’s profitability and productivity.

A large part of this expenditure is due to the expense of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) installations. Sometimes the investment earmarked for this is very high. Having a good functional evaporative cooler is the best solution to solve this problem. In this sense, Biocool evaporative cooling systems offer the most suitable option in all types of applications and situations.

Thanks to evaporative cooling, of which the main element needed to run the system is water, Biocool products are ideal for achieving optimum industrial HVAC. Having fresh air in these environments is the most effective way of getting the most efficient performance from employees.

But what should we bear in mind when choosing evaporative coolers?


Biocool has the answer.

But what should we bear in mind when choosing evaporative coolers? Biocool has the answer. Detecting where the HVAC problem lies is key. This keeps us from making a poor choice. Predicting the drawbacks will save you a lot of time and money in the short, medium and long term.

Biocool evaporative air units are the best solution for obtaining fresh air in a way that respects the environment, as well as eliminating static electricity. Evaporative cooling is especially recommended for cooling large surface areas.

This is mainly due to its low energy use. This is its huge advantage compared to traditional air conditioning systems, the maintenance of which is practically unsustainable in warehouses, plants and installations with large surface areas where the high temperatures must be lowered.

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Evaporative cooling offers highly favourable conditions for producing textile fibre in each of its manufacturing processes.

Thanks to adequate humidity levels, resistance to the breakage of certain fibres increases, helping them become more elastic and flexible.

It also decreases or eliminates the formation of static electricity, which speeds up the machines, increasing production and improving the thread quality or the fabric produced.


Climatización de granjas de avesAnimals have a higher body temperature than humans, but because they do not sweat, they expel the heat they generate through irradiation or convection. When the ambient temperature is close to animals’ body temperature, they suffer significantly, and can even die when they surpass it. Pigs and poultry are especially vulnerable to this.

When the air exceeds 24ºC it causes a low-productivity effect which in young chickens means a decrease in their egg production. The same occurs with turkeys, ducks, geese and quails.

Furthermore, ambient comfort is necessary at all stages of the industrial process, from the chick nursery to egg laying, or where they are held to be slaughtered, etc. And it is necessary to keep the spaces well ventilated to remove any possible CO2 or NH3 build-up. So evaporative cooling is the ideal option for such cases – sustainable, ecological and profitable.

It can cover all needs at every industrial stage, in an economical and healthy manner. It constantly renews the air, providing adequate ventilation and achieving a significant reduction of the ambient temperature, all with minimal energy use and no sudden temperature changes.


Climatización evaporativa en carpas militaresDuring the hottest days of a campaign, ensuring adequate rest of military personnel in a fresh and healthy atmosphere is a necessity. Evaporative cooling is recommended when using generator power as it is the ideal low-energy solution.

Likewise, mobile eco-cooling units offer operational autonomy for several hours, without needing to be plugged into a power supply, thanks to the incorporation of a tank in their base.

As well as these advantages, it is also an ecological and healthy alternative, since thanks to the filters the system incorporates, the air is cleaned and dust particles, tobacco smoke and unpleasant odours are removed or reduced. This promotes the health and physical recovery of military personnel while maintaining adequate humidity levels.


Climatización exterior zona comercialUsing evaporative cooling you can also create fresh open-air spaces in areas and locations with a hot atmosphere.

This solution can be applied to pedestrian streets, sports and social events, hospitality events and so on. A practical example: This solution was applied with excellent results at the Zaragoza Expo where 30 evaporative cooling towers were set up, creating a fresh outdoors environment in the rest areas. They were an oasis of freshness on the hottest days.

This technology can also be applied in open-air children’s playgrounds and parks, such as are common at fast-food outlets. So kids can happily play in this setting, while the system provides added value to the site.

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